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Foamsmith Vol: 1

Design, Templating, & Fabrication


Foamsmith Vol: 2

Finishing & Painting


Foam Armor, Fast

Build Stunning EVA Foam Armor in No Time Flat


More prop and costume making goodness.

EVA Foam Buying Guide

Here are some handy affiliate links where you can buy this stuff on Amazon. Every click you make helps out the Punished Props foam armor making machine! 1/2″ Floor Mats 1/4″ Floor Mat Roll 6mm Craft Foam 2mm Craft Foam Roll...

Bill’s Workstation Tools

My shop has a LOT of tools. Some of them, like the lathe, are only used every once in a great while. Others, like my handy dandy set of small files, get used every single day. These every day use tools get stored in bins and on magnet strips in my main workbench area...

Nerdtacular 2014 – The Little Things

I know most of you are probably here for the prop and costume making, but a significant portion of my life is spent deep inside of the world of podcasting. If you’re unfamiliar with that universe, I urge you to go check out what Scott Johnson and the amazing...